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ECBM's Outlook for 2018 is Optimistic

Posted by ecbmadmin on Jan 26, 2018 2:29:13 PM


ECBM's Outlook for 2018 Is Optimistic And Staff Are Excited About New Developments

ECBM Insurance Brokers & Consultants held their annual state of the agency meeting. The principals of the company reviewed 2017's results and laid out 2018's plans and budgets.

West Conshohocken, PA, January 28, 2018- ECBM Insurance Brokers & Consultants (www.ecbm.com) held their annual State of the Agency Meeting. This meeting is held with the purpose to review the previous year's successes and provide transparency to the employees with what will be happening over the next year and inform staff what this year's goals will be.

"We had a good year, we are hitting our stride, and we have a great team. We are poised to do something really great in 2018," says Rick Eckert, ECBM's Chief Financial Officer. During his presentation, Rick also addressed concerns with timelines and specific budget goals for the next 12 months. "We are also a Great Place to Work again this year."

Charlie Bernier, President of ECBM, talked about the mission statement and how we are serving our clients better every time ECBM's benchmarks are hit. "We have been able to save clients on average 21.5% on Workers' Compensation costs, 9.68% on Property, 11% on Automotive, and 10% on Employee Benefits. We have saved our clients over $100 million dollars." Charlie then explained how ECBM's investment in technology for the firm had captured this information so account representatives can show clients each year how ECBM continues to work for them ahead of every renewal. He pointed out that "We are giving our clients the attention and service that they deserve."

"Most of the other independent agencies have been bought out. There are not a lot of people out there still doing what we are doing. That is huge for clients to have an advocate working for them in this way," Charlie says before laying out the agency plans for growing ECBM's business by increasing the consulting work with a process being called "Recapturing Costs." Executive Vice President Gloria Forbes also pointed out in her presentation to how "We have had lots of claims success for our clients."

ECBM's new logo and branding was launched in 2017 and were in the presentations as well as more details about ECBM's Corporate Office Relocating to Media, PA in the summer of 2018.

Areas of growth will include:

  • Improved analytics with Policy Insight Reports and Executive Insights
  • New Program Opportunities
  • Expanding The Professional Liability Division
  • Growing  to our talented sales team
  • Offering more of the specific services that we are frequently requested- as consulting services. The purpose is to improve the client-broker relationship- no matter who their broker may be.


About ECBM

Our Core Values

  • Empathy and Caring... for our clients and for one another
  • Tenacious problem solving, while being results focused
  • Maintaining accountability... and owning it!
  • Exhibiting positive "can do" energy, while questioning the standard... keep asking questions
  • Showing dedicated loyalty in the service of the greater good

At ECBM, we understand that insurance programs are more than an end; they are a means to meet business and financial objectives that change over time. ECBM works with our clients to design and maintain a risk management approach which is built on a solid foundation and knowledge of their business goals and corporate climates. Uninsured losses are expensive as are improperly handled claims. At ECBM, our focus is providing the lowest net cost to our clients at all times.

ECBM builds long-term relationships with all the clients we work with. It frees us from the burden of over-consulting. We give solid, appropriate advice each time we meet, even if that means making a suggestion that will earn us less money. Earning our clients' trust and retaining their business is the key to everyone's success. Maintaining strong client relationships requires superior service. ECBM strives to provide that service by knowing our clients, their business needs and providing quality insurance and risk management services to meet those needs.

When clients choose an insurance broker, they should not only get expert advice, but an attitude, a culture, and a way of doing business. At ECBM we offer all of these things. ECBM not only does good work for our clients but work that is more on target, more meaningful and more valuable to their businesses. ECBM has provided commercial insurance brokerage and consulting services to the Mid-Atlantic region since 1970. Charlie Bernier, along with Gloria Forbes and Rick Eckert, assumed ownership of this independent firm in January 2001. Their combined vision was to bring national account services to all of their clients cost-efficiently, and they have been doing so ever since.

Under the present leadership, ECBM’s client-focused approach has allowed the firm to grow significantly. ECBM knows it is important not only to develop service capabilities but to create standards and methods for monitoring consistent delivery of the services it promises to its clients. By creating and managing this process, the company has been able to consistently exceed client expectations.


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