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How to Make Your Cyber Security Training More Effective

Cybersecurity breaches make up a large majority of insurance claims every year. The number of cases, and the costs associated with these cases, continue to rise. Cybersecurity is a ... READ MORE

Commercial Trucking Market Insights for 2023

The transportation industry has faced a series of challenges since the start of the pandemic. Businesses and workers have had to navigate global shortages, loss of labor, safety issues, and ... READ MORE

Cyber Insurance Trends to Watch in 2023

Cyber Insurance is not a new insurance coverage, but until recent years, it was considered an additional coverage selection rather than a necessary one. In the years leading up to 2023, ... READ MORE

Continuous Catastrophic Weather is Changing the Landscape of Property Insurance

Continuous Catastrophic Weather Changing the Landscape of Property Insurance  We’re only a week into 2023, and 90% of Californians are under flood watch due to excess rainfall threatening ... READ MORE

Workers' Compensation Claims Rising in Severity and Cost

The workers' compensation sector of the insurance industry has historically been both stable and profitable in the U.S. Workers' compensation provides financial support, medical care and ... READ MORE

How to Protect Your Business During the "Tripledemic"

Just as businesses are bringing employees back to the office full-time, a new wave of viruses is spreading across the nation. Experts are calling the the combination of the flu, RSV, and ... READ MORE

Keep Your Business Safe This Holiday Season

The holiday season is officially here, which means businesses are gearing up to celebrate the past year and welcome the new one. While many will be planning holiday parties and perhaps some ... READ MORE

Most Common Insurance Claims for Businesses

When purchasing commercial insurance, many people don’t think they will end up filing a claim. Businesses tend to purchase insurance simply because it’s a requirement or for protection in a ... READ MORE

Workers' Compensation Considerations for Remote Employees

Just a few years ago, remote working was considered a luxury. However, remote work has become the standard since the pandemic and the subsequent changes in the workforce. While many ... READ MORE

Cyber Criminals Target Black Friday and Cyber Monday Shoppers

This week marks an infamous time period for online shoppers and retailers in the US. Cyber Week represents a national online retail event spanning 5 critical days, including Thanksgiving ... READ MORE