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How Your Driving is Impacting Your Insurance

Your driving has more impact on your insurance rates than you might think, thanks to the revolutionary technology known as telematics. Telematics was initially introduced to enhance road ... READ MORE

The Importance of E&O Insurance

When putting together an insurance package for your business, there are a variety of policies to consider. While property and general liability quickly come to mind, other coverages should ... READ MORE

Personal Property Insurance: What You Need to Know

When protecting your belongings, understanding the details of personal property insurance is crucial. Many homeowners assume their standard home insurance policy has them fully covered, but ... READ MORE

2024 Driving Reports Suggest Increased Risks

Recent surveys and reports released by Nationwide and Travelers in 2024 paint a troubling picture of driving behavior across the United States. The data indicates a significant rise in ... READ MORE

Non-Renewals for Home Insurance on the Rise

In recent years, the insurance landscape has significantly shifted, particularly in high-risk areas such as California, Florida, and Louisiana. Over the past half-decade, we've witnessed a ... READ MORE

The Benefits of an Insurance Review

Whether you're a business entity, an individual, or a family, insurance can profoundly influence your life. It protects against unforeseen risks and events, ensuring that your life or ... READ MORE

East Coast Earthquake: What You Need to Know

Last week, New Jersey experienced a surprising 4.8 magnitude earthquake, the strongest earthquake in the area since 2011. The earthquake was felt up and down the East Coast, including ... READ MORE

Baltimore Bridge Collapse Expected to Cause Historic Insurance Losses

The recent catastrophic collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore, MD has shocked not only the city but also the insurance industry. A full understanding of the collapse is ... READ MORE

Studies Show Employee Wellness and Benefits Satisfaction is Declining

Workers' wellness and well-being should always be a priority for organizations. During the pandemic, there was an anticipated drop in satisfaction as individuals were forced to deal with a ... READ MORE

The Escalating Threat of Cyber Hacking

On March 6th, 2024, Instagram and Facebook users across the United States, India, Europe, Australia, and various other global regions found themselves locked out of their accounts for ... READ MORE