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Businesses Lose Millions In Revenue After Backup Systems Fail

"When people consider cybersecurity, too often they think of high-level data encryption, secure sockets layers (SSL), and high powered firewalls and antivirus protection", says Charlie E. Bernier Principal Consultant and Cyber Insurance Expert at ECBM.  "Yet overlooking simple steps to protect a company’s information technology resources can prove just as costly."  Thinking through issues like adequate backup systems, employee training, and network setups can save a company millions of dollars.  A series of outages at major airlines over the past year have highlighted the specific importance of planning backup systems properly.  Delta Airlines, United Airlines, and Southwest Airlines have all suffered major information technology outages that canceled hundreds or thousands of flights cost these companies millions of dollars in revenue.

Minimum Wage Compliance Is Good For Business

The laws and regulations that cover employee pay change with some regularity and can be quite complex.  Regulations about overtime and the minimum wage laws have seen a lot of publicity recently, especially as it relates to attempts to raise the minimum wage.  One area that does not see a lot of mention in the press are the rules that apply specifically to tipped employees.

Interruption Insurance Is The Lifeline Your Business Needs


In the wake of the recent hurricanes in the southeastern United States, early estimates as to the amount of economic losses have started to pour in.  Hurricane Harvey is expected to cause insured losses over one hundred and fifty billion dollars. ($150 billion), with the potential to break two hundred billion when all is said and done.  Hurricane Irma is expected to cause an additional twenty to forty billion dollars in losses.  The insured losses alone from these two storms could easily break a quarter of a trillion dollars.

Only 30 Days Remain to Electronically Submit OSHA Injury Data

As you have been advised over the course of the year,OSHA’s Final Rule to “Improve Tracking of Workplace Injuries and Illnesses” (aka the E-Recordkeeping Rule) requires employers of certain sizes that fall into certain categories to proactively submit electronic injury and illnesses data to OSHA through its new web portal.  The new rule dramatically changes the responsibilities and impacts of OSHA’s long-standing injury and illness recordkeeping program.

Trucking Companies Prepare For Moving Ahead With ELD Compliance And MAP-21

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s new rule requiring the use of electronic logbooks goes into effect on December 18, 2017.  The rule has inspired protests from owner-operators and was the subject of last minute attempts to secure an override in the House of Representatives despite the support of the American Trucking Association.

What Any Business Can Learn From The Equifax Hack

Equifax faced criticism after how the company reacted to a hack that was announced in September 2017. When dealing with a cybersecurity event, a quick response is necessary to minimize damages from the event.  Delays can cause continued interruptions in day to day business processes the damage or loss of vital information; they can also make it harder to track down perpetrators and recover both data and money from them.  To this end, most cybersecurity experts recommend that businesses put in place an incident response plan so that teams can act as quickly as possible after an incident instead reacting with a frantic, disorganized frenzy of activity.

Government Definition Of Joint Employer Leaving Many Businesses And Workers Wondering What Is Next


A series of decisions from the National Labor Relations Board in the past few years relating to determining who qualified as a joint employer had worried many companies across the country. Most notably, in a case involving Browning-Ferris Industries, the Board had promulgated a new test for defining the joint employer relationship that had the potential to increase significantly the liability of companies that contracted out labor or staffing to third party companies.  Businesses protested the change while labor groups celebrated.

Why Every Motorcyclist Needs Personal Insurance

Whether you ride every once in a while, during a daily commute, or competitively against others; it is important to obtain motorcycle insurance to keep your bike safe on the road, in storage, or when being shipped.

Mitchell Study Confirms The Role That Workers' Compensation Plays In The Opioid Crisis

To combat the growing epidemic of opioid abuse, the Center for Disease Control issued guidelines aimed at limiting the prescription of opioids in ways that might lead to ongoing addiction.  Studies have shown that approximately 75% of new heroin users stated that they started their addiction with prescription opioids.  Via various methods;  obtained themselves with a prescription or from someone else.  State governments and the insurance industry have been heavily involved in trying to reduce opioid prescriptions as a way of combating the epidemic, while also aiming to lower the costs of workers compensation claims which can increase exponentially when pain leads to addiction. 

Fresh Deliveries With Expired Food Delivery Standards

It is a long spoken truism that industry moves faster than government attempts to regulate it.  Congress passed the Food Safety Modernization Act in December 2010 and the President signed it into law in January 2011.  Yet it took the FDA more than six years to implement seven new regulations aimed at executing the Food Safety Modernization Act, and many of those regulations have not come into full force yet.  At the same time, a major new issue with food safety in this country has arisen.