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Tim Fox

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How Elections Can Impact the Insurance Market

2024 is a massive election year, not just for the US presidential election but global elections as well. Some might be surprised that elections can significantly affect the economy and ... READ MORE

2024 Driving Reports Suggest Increased Risks

Recent surveys and reports released by Nationwide and Travelers in 2024 paint a troubling picture of driving behavior across the United States. The data indicates a significant rise in ... READ MORE

Baltimore Bridge Collapse Expected to Cause Historic Insurance Losses

The recent catastrophic collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore, MD has shocked not only the city but also the insurance industry. A full understanding of the collapse is ... READ MORE

2024 Auto Insurance Outlook

As we near 2024, anticipation is building regarding potential remedies for the inflated auto insurance costs experienced in 2023. The previous year witnessed a notable surge in insurance ... READ MORE

Survey Shows 75% of Small Businesses are Underinsured

Small businesses face an array of challenges that can make or break their success. One often underestimated but critical aspect of ensuring their resilience is insurance. Yet, a whopping ... READ MORE