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How A Waiver Of Subrogation Could Impact Your Business

.Often times, companies are more focused on the more fundamental aspects of a contract, like price and timelines for completion of tasks. They may overlook some terms that seem more like ... READ MORE

Vitale v. Schering Plough Is Going To NJ Supreme Court

The Supreme Court of New Jersey recently accepted a case that could have far reaching implications for how employee relations and worker’s compensation are handled moving forward. The case, ... READ MORE

Food Safety Rule: Compliance Concerns for Food Producers

More than a year ago now, the Food and Drug Administration released its final rule on Produce Safety (formally known as “Standards for the Growing, Harvesting, Packing and Holding of ... READ MORE

Small Motor Carriers: How to Stay Competitive in FMSA Compliance

The Food and Drug Administration’s new rule on Sanitary Transportation of Human and Animal Food starts to take effect in mere months for those carriers that do not qualify as small ... READ MORE

Negotiate Contracts To Maximize Arbitration's Benefits

Business contracts often involve painstaking negotiations over contract clauses related to performance and price. Given the care and time spent on these major clauses, it can be relatively ... READ MORE

What To Know About Defining “Independent Contractors”

Whether a business classifies someone as an independent contractor or an employee can have far-reaching effects in a large number of fields: workers’ compensation, taxation, liability ... READ MORE