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Everything You Need to Know about Restaurant Insurance

Though there is no shortage of restaurants and food services, this type of business is a rather niche sector in the insurance marketplace. There are so many aspects that come into play when putting together a program for restaurants. With some teams handling food, some handling people and communications, and others handling equipment-even the employee positions alone call for multiple types of coverage. In the past few years, we’ve seen a huge shift in the industry that introduced new styles of dining. From delivery, takeout, and outdoor dining-all of these exciting expansions bring with them a whole new set of liabilities.

The Restaurant Industry Post Covid-19: Challenges and Recovery Plans

The aftermath of COVID-19 has challenged every industry and put businesses in the difficult position of adjusting to new ways of working. The restaurant industry is no exception, and if anything- it was hit harder than most. According to recent data released by the National Restaurant Association, more than 90,000 restaurants have closed temporarily or permanently due to the pandemic, and industry sales fell by over $240 Billion in 2020 alone.

What The Chipotle Outbreak Taught Us About Public Safety And Public Relations For Businesses


Few things can damage the reputation of a business in the food industry like an outbreak of foodborne illness tied to the business’s products.  Fast food restaurant Chipotle has had to deal with trying to win back customers nationwide after a series of E. Coli outbreaks across several states.  Complicating the matter, just as the regular alphabet soup of federal agencies declared the E Coli outbreak over, Chipotle had to close all their restaurants nationwide due to a norovirus outbreak.