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HAZMAT Basics: How Your Company Can Ensure Compliance

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration uses Compliance Safety and Accountability scores to assess the safety of trucking companies and target the most at-risk companies for ... READ MORE

Why Every Motorcyclist Needs Personal Insurance

Whether you ride every once in a while, during a daily commute, or competitively against others; it is important to obtain motorcycle insurance to keep your bike safe on the road, in ... READ MORE

Details Missing In ELD Compliance For Carriers And Drivers

While successful court challenges have managed to block a number of high profile regulatory changes in recent months, a Chicago court upheld a major new rule facing the trucking industry at ... READ MORE

Hauling Hazards: Learning From The Takata Truck Explosion

After a recent trucking accident led to an explosion that killed a woman, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has ordered a trucking company to cease operations temporarily.

The 2016 Top Safety Picks For Teen Drivers

Teens already have enough disadvantages against them when it comes to driving due to their lack experience, so why not give them a car that will help them be a safer driver without the ... READ MORE

NHTSA's Collision Avoidance Test: What Companies Learned

In June 2016, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration released a field study on the use of collision avoidance systems in heavy vehicles. The report will help government agencies ... READ MORE

The MCS-90 Endorsement (Explained In Less Than 5 Minutes)

Almost all personal and business automobile insurance policies exclude coverage for losses caused by pollutants. There is an exception in the case of materials necessary for the function of ... READ MORE

The 100 Deadliest Days For Teen Drivers

INTRODUCTION: Teen Drivers (Ages 16-19) experience more crashes during the summer break. Whether heading to the beach, driving to the movies with friends, or driving home after work; Teen ... READ MORE

What The European Truck Platooning Challenge Means For USA

As advancements in autonomous vehicles continue, the impact on the trucking industry could be massive. Self-driving technology possesses the potential to reduce significantly the number of ... READ MORE


GUEST POST Written by UNiQ Cycle Sounds of www.uniqcyclesounds.com Tired of riding your motorcycle solo? Why not ask a friend or family member to hitch a ride? Whether you own a chopper or ... READ MORE