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Can Your Insurance Company Settle A Claim Without Your Consent?


The conflicting interests that may exist between an insured and their insurance company when it comes to the defense of a lawsuit have led courts to create rules to ensure everyone’s legal rights are respected.  These rules implicate issues like the insured’s right to hire their own attorney or the insurer’s ability to reserve their rights to avoid paying a judgment.  The conflicting interests can become particularly thorny when one party wishes to settle a case while the other objects to the settlement.

PA Supreme Court Ruling Changes Future For Workers Comp Cases

In June of 2017, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court overturned a long-standing worker’s compensation law on what seemed like a technicality to many legal outsiders. The decision had the potential to overturn an important part of disability determinations aimed at keeping costs for employers reasonable and will lead to higher insurance premiums for Pennsylvania employers.

Condo Associations: Aim To Educate and Coordinate


While an old proverb states that ignorance is bliss, oftentimes in the modern world ignorance is an easy way to get yourself in hot water. This can be seen quite easily in the world of condominium property claims. Condominium associations that move forward with property claim issues without understanding the legal background pushing the claims can find themselves in trouble without realizing it; driving up costs through lack of knowledge by taking short-sighted actions meant to keep costs down.