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The Role That Workers' Compensation Plays In The Opioid Crisis

To combat the growing epidemic of opioid abuse, the Center for Disease Control issued guidelines aimed at limiting the prescription of opioids in ways that might lead to ongoing addiction. ... READ MORE

Kicking The Opioid Problem In Workers' Compensation

Prescription painkillers create unique problems in the world of workers compensation. Doctors in all fields have grown more aware of the issues created by prescribing potentially addictive ... READ MORE

Additional Insured Status? You Get What You Ask For

The change to insurance requirements in April 2013 wasn't exactly getting front-page coverage. The short-short version is this: business owners should reevaluate their standard contractual ... READ MORE

Legal Marijuana Use and its Impact on Workers’ Compensation

Employers are aware that the use of marijuana is now legal in a multitude of states. 22 states and the District of Columbia have legalized marijuana for medical purposes and 2 states, ... READ MORE

Other People's Money

Some may remember the movie by this title involving characters who manipulate each other to gain control of a company in order to line their own pockets. However, the use of another’s money ... READ MORE