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2020 Insurance Market Update Report Q4

The insurance industry is still doing what it can to react to the COVID-19 pandemic. This means situations are changing rapidly within certain sectors of the insurance marketplace. 2020 was ... READ MORE

FAQ: What Is A Claims Made Policy?

Claims made insurance coverage can create some confusing issues. A claims made policy covers claims that are made against the policy during the period of the policy’s effective dates. This ... READ MORE

Is A Cyber Attack An Act Of War?

Cyber coverage remains a hot topic in the insurance world. The coverage is relatively new and complicated questions of claims handling are still working their way through the court system ... READ MORE

Insuring Intangible Assets Like Data, Brand, and IP

When people think of property insurance, they often immediately think of buildings – things like houses, retail stores, or warehouses. If they continue the thought further, they may think ... READ MORE

Court Cases Show That Claims Costs Grow When Handled Poorly

Insurance contracts are contracts of good faith. Usually, this means that both parties to the contract will deal with each other honestly and fairly, fulfilling their obligations under the ... READ MORE

Issues Continue With Risk Retention Group Coverage

In 1986, responding to a host of industries that struggled to find acceptable coverage in the traditional insurance marketplace, Congress passed the Liability Risk Retention Act. The Act ... READ MORE

How Insurance Can Protect Your Business Against MITM Schemes

Wire transfer fraud claims resulting from cyber attacks have increased dramatically over recent years, and companies are losing millions of dollars in these attacks. As is common when a new ... READ MORE

How Policy Exclusions Are An Expensive Oversight

In claims handling and litigation, a little creativity with definitions can help advance a case forward. Occasionally, though, that creativity gets pushed a little too far. Fireman’s Fund ... READ MORE

The Need to Check Your Insurance Policies Is Ongoing

Insurance lawsuits often turn on the definitions of words. This confusion results in extensive litigation over words that seem to have commonly understood meanings – words like loss or ... READ MORE

Driver Interviews Can Lead To Liability After An Accident

In the wake of an accident, its standard for trucking companies to conduct thorough investigations of what happened. Having a clear indication of what happened can help the company manage ... READ MORE