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With A Recent Supreme Court Ruling, The List Of Exempt Employees May Expand

Like with many areas of employment-related regulation, standards regarding overtime exemptions have seen considerable instability in recent years.  During the Obama years, the Department of Labor sought to significantly expand the number of employees eligible for overtime.  Those regulations faced a difficult time in litigation in front of various federal district courts before the new administration rescinded them.  Now, a recent decision from the United States Supreme Court has significantly expanded the way in which the Department must analyze exemptions, increasing the number and types of employees that employers can avoid paying overtime.

Condo Associations: Aim To Educate and Coordinate


While an old proverb states that ignorance is bliss, oftentimes in the modern world ignorance is an easy way to get yourself in hot water. This can be seen quite easily in the world of condominium property claims. Condominium associations that move forward with property claim issues without understanding the legal background pushing the claims can find themselves in trouble without realizing it; driving up costs through lack of knowledge by taking short-sighted actions meant to keep costs down.

Made From Concentrate


 Obviously, the highest type of efficiency is that which can utilize existing material to the best advantage.

~Jawaharlal Nehru

  What did you finish today? What about yesterday?

Does it seem like you are having more and more days where it feels like you are just spinning your wheels and not completing tasks?


Cyber Risks & Liabilities: Privacy and Cyber Security


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