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Before You Sign: What Choice Of Venue Means For Your Business

Lawsuits have become long and costly for many businesses. The average civil case now takes about two years to go trial. Pre-trial litigation issues can often extend the timeline for cases ... READ MORE

What Is Trade Credit Insurance?

Credit can make or break a business. And it cuts both ways. While smaller businesses may mostly think of credit in terms of bank loans and mortgages, almost all businesses run with some ... READ MORE

Protect Yourself Against Copyright Infringement Lawsuits

The costs of pursuing or defending yourself in copyright, patent, or trademark infringement lawsuits can be jaw-dropping. Even in cases where the amount in controversy does not reach seven ... READ MORE

Read This Before You ( Sign Here )

A popular theme in a story- written or film- is that of a shady contract. One where the main character(s) don’t realize that they are signing their life away or entering into a lose-lose ... READ MORE