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Insurance Companies Changing Coverages To Avoid Cyber Costs

Companies without cyber insurance can find themselves in difficult situations. As more and more vital business functions migrate to electronic systems, companies without cyber insurance ... READ MORE

Why Cyber Security Pre-loss Services Are Key to Your Business

More and more companies are purchasing cyber insurance as the risks to the company’s businesses from the breach of their networks expand. More companies are also requiring that their ... READ MORE

The Need to Check Your Insurance Policies Is Ongoing

Insurance lawsuits often turn on the definitions of words. This confusion results in extensive litigation over words that seem to have commonly understood meanings – words like loss or ... READ MORE

Can Your Insurance Company Settle A Claim Without Your Consent?

The conflicting interests that may exist between an insured and their insurance company when it comes to the defense of a lawsuit have led courts to create rules to ensure everyone’s legal ... READ MORE

DOT Updates to Post-accident Drug Testing: What to Know

As various parts of the United States federal government move to address the growing opioid crisis, the Department of Transportation has updated its drug testing policies to include a ... READ MORE

Coverage Insights: Cyber Liability for Law Firms

You’re not in the technology industry, so you don’t need cyber liability coverage, right? Consider the amount of sensitive or confidential information about your law firm and clients that ... READ MORE

Data Security Through Employee Education: What to Know

Young Employees and IT Security

Young Employees and IT Security