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Fraudulent Instruction: When Scams Prey On Busy Professionals

Given the relative newness of cyber insurance policies, comparatively little case law exists interpreting these policies in the context of claims. Courts have sometimes struggled with how ... READ MORE

The Most Dangerous Social Engineering Scams of 2019

The problem of Social Engineering techniques called Phishing, Whaling, Spear Phishing, Pharming, or Impersonation Fraud has become significant and widespread in recent years. The insurance ... READ MORE

Is A Cyber Attack An Act Of War?

Cyber coverage remains a hot topic in the insurance world. The coverage is relatively new and complicated questions of claims handling are still working their way through the court system ... READ MORE

How Insurance Can Protect Your Business Against MITM Schemes

Wire transfer fraud claims resulting from cyber attacks have increased dramatically over recent years, and companies are losing millions of dollars in these attacks. As is common when a new ... READ MORE

Crypto-Jacking Is A Growing Threat For Businesses

Managing cyber risk in the current atmosphere requires constantly staying abreast of new threats. Every new technological advancement creates new opportunities for criminals to turn your ... READ MORE

What to Learn from Equifax's Cybersecurity Vulnerabilities

Another major data breach at an American company worth billions of dollars has served to heighten cyber security concerns in businesses of many sizes in many countries. Equifax announced in ... READ MORE

NSA Leaks are making U.S. Businesses Vulnerable

In the popular imagination, major cybersecurity events involve an elite hacker (or a group of them) employing a singular genius to crack complex computer codes and steal vital secrets or ... READ MORE

Cyber Island Hopping Leaves Small Businesses Exposed To Big Risks

An emerging area of cyber liability for small businesses centers around the concept of third party risk. Third party risk means damages resulting from the security breach of a connected ... READ MORE

Tips For Businesses To Improve Their Cyber Security

Cyber criminals have a large number of ways of gaining access to a company’s computer systems. What they do when they gain access to that system can also vary widely.

Ignoring Your Cybersecurity Risks Won't Make Them Go Away

Hardly a day goes by in the current news cycle without some new cyber-security story breaking. The end of 2016 included a disclosure of 500 million hacked Yahoo! email accounts, concerns ... READ MORE