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Insurance In The Face Of COVID-19

While the world steps through the global pandemic, we know our clients are facing the same questions, concerns, and decisions that we are grappling with. The collective safety of our ... READ MORE

Insuring Intangible Assets Like Data, Brand, and IP

When people think of property insurance, they often immediately think of buildings – things like houses, retail stores, or warehouses. If they continue the thought further, they may think ... READ MORE

President Trump Extends National Flood Insurance Program

In the wake of an aggressive hurricane season doing extensive damage to the southeast part of the United States, many homeowners are realizing that their basic homeowner’s policy does not ... READ MORE

Businesses Lose Millions In Revenue After Backup Systems Fail

"When people consider cybersecurity, too often they think of high-level data encryption, secure sockets layers (SSL), and high powered firewalls and antivirus protection", says Charlie E. ... READ MORE

A Blizzard In The Fall: Takeaways From The 2016 DDoS Attack

Cybersecurity experts expect the number of sites subject to DDoS attacks to increase significantly in coming years with smaller and smaller sites being targeted. This results from the ... READ MORE

Crisis Management: Leading Your Team Through A Crisis

Every organization is due to face a crisis. Whether it is a flooded warehouse, building fire, employee theft, losing a big client, the security of your network being compromised, or the ... READ MORE

HR Insights: Cross-Training Employees

Many companies use cross-training for a variety of reasons within their organizations. Whether due to a predictably busy time for a department, if an employee is absent due to illness, if ... READ MORE

How To Reconnect After A Disaster

Do you know where the closest hurricane safe zone is to your home? Your child's school? Your office?

Helpful Resources For When Preparing For Hurricane Season

From our Resource Library, here is a checklist that includes what should be included in your home's prep kit:

Windstorm Coverage and Hurricanes: What You Need to Know

Original interview by Jayne Gest, Smart Business Network Inc. The Atlantic hurricane season runs from June 1 to Nov. 30, and as a business owner in the Philadelphia area — only 50-75 miles ... READ MORE