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The Verification Check Twitter Hack

On July 15, 2020 a number of high-profile, verified Twitter accounts were hacked. The goal seemed to be to push a double-your-money scam using Bitcoin. Some estimate that the hackers were ... READ MORE

AB-5 Brings More Legal Battles For Gig Economy Businesses

There has been an ongoing fight over how to define employees for the past few decades. As technology has re-shaped the workforce, this fight has gotten more intense. State and federal ... READ MORE

Why Cyber Security Pre-loss Services Are Key to Your Business

More and more companies are purchasing cyber insurance as the risks to the company’s businesses from the breach of their networks expand. More companies are also requiring that their ... READ MORE

Network Connectivity and Interruption Risks for Your Business

How much would it cost your business to shut down for a week? How much would it cost your business to shut down for a month? Employees unable to get work done, unable to complete sales ... READ MORE

HIPAA Violations Increase Costs For Anthem's  Data Breach

The clash between the stringent privacy requirements of HIPAA and the known vulnerability of most cyber systems creates a host of anxieties for most modern medical care providers. The ... READ MORE

How Insurance Can Protect Your Business Against MITM Schemes

Wire transfer fraud claims resulting from cyber attacks have increased dramatically over recent years, and companies are losing millions of dollars in these attacks. As is common when a new ... READ MORE

Insurance Coverage and Training Needed to Prevent Scams

Social engineering attacks continue to represent a significant attack vector on U.S. businesses. The frequency and cost of these attacks keep increasing. Businesses need to protect ... READ MORE

Lawsuits: Adding To The Costs Of Data Breach & Cyber Claims

Class action lawsuits present numerous challenges for both defendants and harmed parties. The costs of such lawsuits and the situations in which lead plaintiffs bring them often mean the ... READ MORE

Cyber: What Data Loss Claims Look Like in 2018

Many businesses remain hesitant to purchase cyber insurance policies. Studies show fewer than a third of a businesses within the United States have specific coverage for their cyber risks. ... READ MORE

Businesses Argue Cyber Coverage Under CGL Advertising Injury

Whether to purchase cyber risk insurance remains a big question for many companies. Recent studies have shown that only a quarter of U.S. companies currently have cyber risk insurance ... READ MORE