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How the Green Movement Impacts Insurance in The Energy Sector

The green movement is a product of our collective concern for the earth, global warming, and the future of our planet. Though the movement has been strong for decades, with the ... READ MORE

Why CA 99 48 And MCS-90 Are The Dynamic Duo Trucking Companies Need

Pollution liability can be a major problem for trucking companies. Typical business automobile liability insurance policies exclude coverage for losses caused by the release of pollutants. ... READ MORE

The Importance of Adequate Environmental Liability Coverage

Pollution liability for trucking companies can get very complicated. Determining what you may be covered for and what you may not be can cause major headaches while costing your company ... READ MORE

Will Your Policy Cover Risks From Indemnification Clauses?

Indemnification clauses in commercial contracts can present a number of potential issues. When the parties to the contract do not properly think through or write out indemnification ... READ MORE

What Highly Targeted Industries Should Know About Their Cyber Coverage

Cyber attacks and hacking is the newest foe businesses must deal with. The World Wide Web and the rise of the Internet of Things has created a portal that allows hackers right into your ... READ MORE

The MCS-90 Endorsement (Explained In Less Than 5 Minutes)

Almost all personal and business automobile insurance policies exclude coverage for losses caused by pollutants. There is an exception in the case of materials necessary for the function of ... READ MORE

Can Pipeline Insurance Help Convert Coal-Fired Power Plants?

There are approximately 557 coal fired power plants in the US. In Pennsylvania alone there are 40. Throughout the years, coal was the “go to” fuel source for about 44% of the electric power ... READ MORE

EPA’s New Rule Could Seriously Affect The Trucking Industry

In May of 2015, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) released a new regulation that would change the definition of the “Waters of the United States.” (H.R.1732) The EPA asserts that ... READ MORE

Don’t Buy That Commercial Drone Until You Read These 5 Facts!

Drones are barely (if even that) legal for use by businesses at this time, but the drone industry is already predicting massive economic impacts. Estimates have put the number of commercial ... READ MORE

Smoothing Pipeline Kinks

Pipelines are the arteries of the natural gas industry. The necessity to move product efficiently is paramount to a profitable industry. Having said that, pipeline debates have begun among ... READ MORE