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Avoiding A Risky Position: Hold Harmless In Contract Negotiations

Liability rolls downhill. Big companies use their negotiating leverage to demand favorable indemnification clauses and hold harmless agreements be included in their vendor and customer ... READ MORE

Do I Need a Policy Specifically for Intellectual Property Claims?

Intellectual property increasingly constitutes a significant portion of the value of most businesses. Businesses, as a result, have become quicker to sue to protect their intellectual ... READ MORE

Best Practices in Managing a Claim: Careful Wording

No one wants to have to submit a claim to their insurance company. For businesses, claims can mean increased costs, increased hassle, and loss of control. That unpleasantness can lead to ... READ MORE

Can Your Insurance Company Settle A Claim Without Your Consent?

The conflicting interests that may exist between an insured and their insurance company when it comes to the defense of a lawsuit have led courts to create rules to ensure everyone’s legal ... READ MORE

Defending Manufacturers & Distributors In The Opioid Crisis

As companies, states, workers compensation boards, and various federal government agencies grapple with the growing opioid epidemic, litigation against the pharmaceutical companies ... READ MORE

Does Your Policy Lack Coverage Due To Prior Publication Exclusions?

Standard commercial general liability policies and umbrella policies cover what is known as “advertising injury.” This coverage applies where a company causes damages to a third party ... READ MORE

Navigating The Pits & Perils Of Reservation Of Rights

A lot can happen in the early part of an insurance company’s handling of a claim. The insurer must often begin its own investigation of a claim at the same time it prepares to defend itself ... READ MORE

The Duty To Defend: Your Insurance Company Is In Your Corner

When people traditionally think of insurance loss payouts, they think of indemnity - claims paid out for damage suffered by property or people. Yet commercial liability policies include two ... READ MORE

Other People's Money

Some may remember the movie by this title involving characters who manipulate each other to gain control of a company in order to line their own pockets. However, the use of another’s money ... READ MORE