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How To Prepare For The 2019 Hurricane Season

The Atlantic hurricane season lasts from June to November, with the peak season from mid-August to late October. The Eastern Pacific hurricane season begins May 15th and ends November 30th. When hurricanes take form, they cause heavy rains that can lead to extensive flood damage in coastal and inland areas. They are capable of producing winds in excess of 155 miles per hour as they barrel through the coastal areas and cause catastrophic damage.  The best way to minimize damage from a hurricane is to be prepared before one strikes, are you prepared?

3 Critical Tips For Effective School-Emergency Communications

As part of Preparing for Hurricane Season and other emergencies, we wanted to share with you some insight from a company that specializes in Emergency Communications. Trumpia, which earned a reputation as the most complete SMS solution including user-friendly user interface and API for mobile engagement, Smart Targeting, and advanced automation had these helpful tips to share.

2018 Hurricane Season; This means wind and flooding- are you protected?

Hurricane Sandy is still fresh in the memory of many business owners and homeowners in the Eastern part of the United States. While most hurricanes are best known for their high wind velocity, a storm like Hurricane Sandy was known for the damage that was created by the accumulation of surface water, overflow of inland or tidal waters, and overall flooding conditions.

Key Takeaways For Homeowners From 2017's Most Dangerous Disasters

2017 had been a bad year for natural disasters in the United States. On the back of multiple strong hurricanes causing billions of dollars worth of damage in the southeastern part of the country, wildfires on the Pacific coast have sent thousands of structures up in smoke.

Interruption Insurance Is The Lifeline Your Business Needs


In the wake of the recent hurricanes in the southeastern United States, early estimates as to the amount of economic losses have started to pour in.  Hurricane Harvey is expected to cause insured losses over one hundred and fifty billion dollars. ($150 billion), with the potential to break two hundred billion when all is said and done.  Hurricane Irma is expected to cause an additional twenty to forty billion dollars in losses.  The insured losses alone from these two storms could easily break a quarter of a trillion dollars.

What To Do During A Blackout


Power outages can be annoying and dangerous.

Check out the video below for tips

News You Can Use: Is Your Business Prepared for the Storm? A Checklist for Business Owners and Operators.

According to the American Red Cross, almost 40 percent of all small businesses affected by a major disaster, such as a tornado, flood, earthquake or hurricane, do not reopen their doors because they were unprepared for the disaster.

June is Student Safety Month: Emergency Response Safety for Schools

Most school districts and individual schools have emergency management plans in place. However, they are not always practiced regularly.