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What To Do During A Blackout

Posted by Jen Rossi on Oct 1, 2015 1:12:51 PM



Power outages can be annoying and dangerous.

Check out the video below for tips

  • Types of outages
  • What to include an your emergency kit
  • What you should do before a storm
  • Safety tips during and after a power outage
  • Tips on Food Safety


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Why You Should Watch This Prep Safety Video:


House fires caused by candles, illness from consuming unsafe food, and carbon monoxide poisoning are just some of the issues that these tips may save you from:



Be sure to prep your kit before an emergency strikes. Have at least enough food and water for each person in your home for 3 days. Most importantly, update your kit periodically when items expire or needs change.

Thank you for watching our Blackout Safety Tips video.


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