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The Drone Slayer Had His Day In Court

On January 6, 2016, a lawsuit was filed in Kentucky that has wide-ranging implications for the future of commercial drones in the United States.  The lawsuit involves William H. Merideth, who calls himself the “Drone Slayer”, who shot down a $1,500 drone flying over his property in July 2015.

Don’t Buy That Commercial Drone Until You Read These 5 Facts!



Drones are barely (if even that) legal for use by businesses at this time, but the drone industry is already predicting massive economic impacts. Estimates have put the number of commercial drones in operation by 2018 at around one million. Other prognosticators expect the drone industry to be a $14 billion within the next three years. Some of the industries expected to benefit from this technology include agriculture, realtors, researchers, and media.