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401k Fiduciary Responsibility Update

Your personal money and assets are at risk if you are the owner/CEO/CFO or in any way involved in administering your company 401k.

Meeting ERISA Bond Requirements & Protecting Your Business

Retirement plans are an excellent way for employers to attract and retain key employees by offering non-salary compensation. Most employers in the modern era offer some form of 401(k) or ... READ MORE

Best Interest Rules In Fiduciary Responsibility Introduced By SEC

Many regulations put into place during the past few years have faced the potential for roll-backs under the current administration. This holds especially true for some controversial rules ... READ MORE

More Court Decisions & Actions On Fiduciary Responsibility

On March 15, 2018, the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit dealt Obama era regulations their most recent defeat. In the wake of numerous other overturned rules by ... READ MORE

Higher Education The Focus Of Fiduciary Risk Litigation

In 2016, the same law firm started twelve different lawsuits against twelve different universities alleging violations of federal retirement law. Schlichter, Bogard, and Denton is often ... READ MORE

Litigation Of Fiduciary Liability Complaints Against JP Morgan

Litigation related to retirement plans continues to be a major issue facing businesses in the United States. Companies must offer recruits and employees some form of retirement plan in ... READ MORE

Market Fluctuations Cause Fiduciary Issues Under ERISA

ERISA, the federal Employee Retirement Income Security Act, sets standards that govern the management of private retirement plans such as 401(k)s, defined benefit plans (more commonly ... READ MORE

Businesses Need To Be Protected Due To ERISA-Related Risk

As more and more companies face litigation related to their retirement plans, executives naturally wonder how they can best protect themselves and their company from expensive and ... READ MORE

Companies Consider Employee Stocks For ERISA Compliance

The Employee Retirement Income Security Act, more commonly known by its acronym ERISA, places a number of requirements on companies that seek to implement retirement plans for their ... READ MORE

ERISA & 403b- What Non-Profits Need to Be On The Lookout For

Lawsuits over retirement plans and the failure of organizations to meet their fiduciary duties under the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) continue to proliferate and make the ... READ MORE