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What Highly Targeted Industries Should Know About Their Cyber Insurance Coverage

Cyber attacks and hacking is the newest foe businesses must deal with.  The World Wide Web and the rise of the Internet of Things has created a portal that allows hackers right into your business- it's as if they just walked through the front door!  

If the CIA, FBI and IRS can be hacked, so can your business.  How would you defend yourself against a cyber breach? Updating your security is a start, but current best practices also include backing up this plan with an insurance solution. This combination is the only true protection for your company.  

Can Pipeline Insurance Help in the Conversion of Coal-Fired Power Plants?


There are approximately 557 coal fired power plants in the US.  In Pennsylvania alone there are 40.  Throughout the years, coal was the “go to” fuel source for about 44% of the electric power in this country.  Now new EPA regulations will make it necessary to move power generation in a different direction. These old coal-fire power plants are not necessarily shutting down- many of these facilities will be repowering with other fuel sources.

Some of the older and smaller coal fired plants will be deactivated by 2016.  Their replacement or conversion to another fuel source will be too expensive to undertake.  Others will contemplate the options, but with the abundance of natural gas now available in the US, this is a likely alternative.

Smoothing Pipeline Kinks

Pipelines are the arteries of the natural gas industry. The necessity to move product efficiently is paramount to a profitable industry. Having said that, pipeline debates have begun among residents as well as environmentalists across the State of PA as to the pros and cons of a pipeline in “my backyard”.