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3 Ways Cyber Insurance Improves Cybersecurity





In the modern world, almost every business uses some type of network to store information- even if it’s as simple as housing their email. Even companies hosting their email with outside providers (gmail, yahoo, and other private email hosts) are at risk.

Social Engineering 101, An Introduction


Defining Social Engineering

Social Engineering is a type of psychological manipulation that tricks a target into sharing information or performing an action that they normally would not have done. These scams may promise one thing and deliver another, be a way to get information from you, steal something from you, or gain access to something that you have access to.

3 Ways Savvy Business Owners Reduce Cybersecurity Insurance Costs


Cybersecurity policies are an increasingly necessary part of any business’s insurance portfolio as commerce is increasingly focused online. Businesses that seek to ensure their policies are as effective as possible need to follow some basic steps.

How To Find Relief After A Health Insurance Company CyberAttack


The recent information theft from Anthem has a lot of people talking about the safety of your information associated with the theft. While it is reported that credit card information was not stolen, your credit could be at risk from fraudulent claims for services. Premera's attack may have leaked bank information and social security numbers along with other personal information. Furthermore, your health could be at risk if someone else uses your Health Insurance ID Number. It is well established that Health Insurance information is worth more on the black market than a credit card number. So even before this information theft from Anthem, other ways of skimming your stealing health insurance information has been happening for years. Some may argue with mandatory health coverage through the Affordable Care Act (ACA or Obamacare), health insurance fraud should be minimized. This has yet to be seen, and this recent theft of health insurance information validates the theory that this type of identification theft may be on the rise.

Five Takeaways from Recent Data Breaches


Five Takeaways from Recent Data Breaches

Target. Michaels. Neiman Marcus. University of Maryland. All victims of major data breaches in the past few months. While all of these organizations were breached in different ways, they can all offer business owners valuable lessons on how to proceed when a breach occurs. Here are five takeaways IT security expert Mark McCurley offers: