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Why Every Motorcyclist Needs Personal Insurance

Posted by A1 Transport on Oct 6, 2017 5:53:24 PM

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Whether you ride every once in a while, during a daily commute, or competitively against others; it is important to obtain motorcycle insurance to keep your bike safe on the road, in storage, or when being shipped.

Common Problems For Motorcycle Owners 

  • Unlike cars, motorcycles have less stability, making damage more frequent when shipped. 
  • Motorcycles that are ridden occasionally can experience ignition issues from sitting dormant.
  •  The issues when riding, especially in heavy traffic as they are not as easily seen by drivers of cars and trucks.
  • Motorcycles can also be stolen during a home invasion and resold, just like a car.

This is why motorcyclists should consider different types of insurance- to protect their bike on the road and while being shipped or stored.

Many people shy away from insurance. However, it comes down to personal safety and protection for the motorcycle that you have invested in. Having valid insurance is not only wise, but you will find great benefits with having coverage- even of you are in one of the two states (Florida and Washington) that don’t require riders to have insurance coverage.

If you have theft protection in your motorcycle policy, you can replace your bike if it is stolen. Motorcycles are easy to roll away, strip down for parts or sell to others without a title. When bad things happen, it’s wise to have insurance in place to cover the damage.


What Does Motorcycle Insurance Cover?

In very basic terms, motorcycle insurance will help cover the cost related to damage incurred during an accident. It may also offer relief for some of the medical bills if you, or someone else, is injured during a motorcycle crash. It can also assist with legal fees. While this is basic liability coverage, a motorcycle owner can always add more comprehensive coverage to their motorcycle insurance policy to cover more.

Other coverage features may include:

  • Medical payments for long term medical care after an accident
  • Complete motorcycle replacement if the bike is totaled
  • Coverage for damage from natural disaster, hail or even animal damage that is not related to an accident
  • Uninsured motorist coverage that will cover your bike or medical bills if someone without insurance causes an accident with damage or injury
  • Coverage for parts or repair work for faulty bike parts
  • Coverage for motorcycle transportation services if the bike needs to be shipped to a repair shop after an accident

Those who have a good driving record may be eligible for a reduced rate on their insurance premium.

On the positive side of riding a motorcycle, it is a feeling like no other and offers riders a sense of freedom that just can’t be found when driving a car or truck. Along with that freedom, comes a little responsibility: that a rider must take steps to ensure that their motorcycle and their own body are protected every time they ride. When a motorcycle owner has the right insurance, they can feel good about the protection they have for their bike and their body.

Be sure to contact a licensed insurance provider today to get started with finding a policy that will meet your needs. 

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