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Kevin Forbes

Kevin Forbes
Kevin has been with ECBM for 12 years- holding various positionswithin the firm. Currently, Kevin is a consultant servicing clients across various industries, with a strong focus on transportation and companies in the logistics arena. Kevin has been successful working with clients to help reduce their overall cost of risk while managing the exposures they face. Prior to his current position, Kevin was in the Marketing Department at ECBM. In this role, he handled the program design and negotiations for prospective clients... Here is where Kevin gained experience working with companies in the Transportation, Construction, and Real Estate Industries. Kevin attended Temple University and graduated from their esteemed Risk Management and Insurance Program. He is working towards his Chartered Property and Casualty Underwriter (CPCU) designation. Kevin currently sits on the PA Motor Truck Association- Philadelphia Chapter Board. He is also a member of The Pennsylvania Motor Truck Association, American Trucking Association, Truckload Carriers Association, Specialized Carrier and Rigging Association, and Charter Property and Casualty Underwriters.
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