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Luke Stotmeister

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The Benefits of an Insurance Review

Whether you're a business entity, an individual, or a family, insurance can profoundly influence your life. It protects against unforeseen risks and events, ensuring that your life or ... READ MORE

California Trucking Group Sues Over Zero Emissions Regulation

The California Trucking Association (CTA) has filed a lawsuit in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of California, attempting to halt the implementation of the state's ... READ MORE

Auto Claims Rising in Frequency and Severity

Reports on auto insurance trends have shown a drastic increase in bodily injury and property damage claims related to auto accidents. During the pandemic, claims dropped significantly due ... READ MORE

Mitigating the Rising Risk of Environmental Threats

Businesses encounter a wide range of liabilities every day, and while most companies build comprehensive risk management strategies to prevent disruption to their operations, environmental ... READ MORE

Commercial Trucking Market Insights for 2023

The transportation industry has faced a series of challenges since the start of the pandemic. Businesses and workers have had to navigate global shortages, loss of labor, safety issues, and ... READ MORE

Why Your Business Needs a Trucking Safety Program

The number one priority for anyone involved in the trucking business should always be safety. Trucking accidents pose serious risks for your employees and can result in severe financial ... READ MORE

Should Your Business Purchase Event Insurance?

It's almost the holiday season, and office parties and celebrations are just around the corner. Do you know if your business is protected? Your small business liability isn't confined to ... READ MORE

How Insurers are Responding to the Growing Delivery Economy

While the delivery economy has been on a steady uptick for many years, with companies like Uber, Amazon, and PostMates leading the industry, it’s no secret that the Covid-19 Pandemic has ... READ MORE