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How The FDA Rules Are Setting The Bar For Any Size Farm

As part of its modernization efforts under the Food Safety Modernization Act, the Food and Drug Administration released its final rule on Produce Safety in November of 2015.  The rule is one of seven issued under the FSMA, and was rolled out at the same time as two other rules - one on foreign supplier verification and one on third party accreditation.  The rule seeks to introduce science based standards for the growing of produce within the US to ensure its safety.

Number of NHTSA Recalls Grows Through Summer



Automotive recalls have reached record highs.  Car manufacturers have recalled over one hundred million vehicles in the past eighteen months.  In the past weeks Ford, Subaru, and Acura have all issued recalls affecting another half million or so vehicles.


How To Set An Example in The workplace for A Culture Of Safety


Have you ever worked with someone who changed the way you approached your job or how you work?A hard-working person can have a powerful influence on his or her teammates, especially when he or she is working with someone who is new to the job or to the company. As the co-worker of a new employee, consider yourself the most important role model during his or her first few weeks- Your attitude and your respect of policies and safety procedures could save him or her the pain and lost time caused by a serious injury or loss of employment.