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House of Service Rule Updates Caused by DOT Investigations

Hours of service requirements are a big deal for trucking companies. The penalties for violations can be significant – up to $16,000 per violation. Violations will also impact a trucking ... READ MORE

Business Insurance Concerns: Action Over Cases

Action over cases have become increasingly common over the past two decades. These cases involve employees collecting worker’s compensation from their employer, and then suing a third party ... READ MORE

HAZMAT Basics: How Your Company Can Ensure Compliance

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration uses Compliance Safety and Accountability scores to assess the safety of trucking companies and target the most at-risk companies for ... READ MORE

The Safety Steps for Trucking Companies and the Risk Impact

  The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration was created in 2000 to reduce the number of crashes involving large trucks and tractor trailers.  The FMCSA tackles this approach in a ... READ MORE

Avoid Expensive Wage & Hour Litigation for Overtime Rates

  The Fair Labor Standards Act sets national standards for wage and hour issues related to employees. The law empowers the Department of Labor to set eligibility standards for overtime pay ... READ MORE

After A Year Of ELD Information, What to Expect Next?

   Trucking regulators at the U.S. Department of Transportation have searched for better ways to enforce to hours of service requirements for quite some time. When electronic logging ... READ MORE

Bad News For Trucking Employment Contracts

  Trucking companies got terrible news from the Supreme Court recently on the employment practices front. The Court invalidated the use of mandatory arbitration and waiver of class action ... READ MORE

The  High Cost Of Misclassification of Workers-Truckers

   High cost for Businesses Misclassification California continues its aggressive moves to protect truck drivers and crack down on misclassification of workers as independent contractors.  ... READ MORE

State & Federal Laws Differ On Employer Standards & Rules

Developments over the last few years in federal labor law have generated a lot of discussion and analysis. Regulations and decisions affecting joint employer liability and the definition of ... READ MORE

NJ Businesses With Contractors Expecting New Regulations

The classification of workers as independent contractors or employees continues to draw aggressive state action. These classifications can significantly impact a host of employment-related ... READ MORE