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CDC Releases Guidelines To Stem The Tide Of Opioid Use

Opioid prescriptions and opioid abuse have the potential to substantially increase workers’ compensation costs for companies.  Opioids lead to addictions and can increase the amount of time an employee cannot work. 

Hackers Shopping For Your Most Valuable Files

While the world focused on the WannaCry ransomware attacks in early May, a number of news stories broke highlighting a different kind of cybersecurity ransom.  Ransomware such as WannaCry lock you out from accessing your own files and will not give access back until you pay the ransom.  More industrious and targeted hackers however prefer to steal specific targeted files and threaten to either release them publicly or sell them to competitors if a company does not pay the ransom.

Pennsylvania Lawyers Need Liability Protection For Dragonetti Actions

When thinking about the potential to be sued, many attorneys imagine the possibility of malpractice lawsuits - suit brought by former clients alleging they did not do their job well enough.  Few consider the possibility of lawsuits by adverse parties for issues such as malicious prosecution or abuse of process, which in a sense allege that the attorney did their job too well.  Despite this, twenty percent of lawsuits filed against attorneys are filed by adverse parties.  These cases can pose interesting challenges for attorneys and raise difficult questions under professional liability insurance policies.

Workplace Injuries And How They Relate To The Opioid Crisis

The United States as a whole has a significant problem with prescription medication.  Estimates are that Americans consume seventy five percent of the world’s prescription drugs.  A large part of these prescription drugs focus on chronic pain management.  Doctors in the 1980s began prescribing opioids for those patients suffering from chronic pain under a mistaken assumption that prescription opioids had little potential for addiction or abuse.

Hours Of Service Regulations Pros And Cons For Trucking Companies

Hours of service regulations can pose an organizational hurdle to many trucking companies.  The penalties for violating these regulations can be disastrous, and ensuring the compliance of drivers on the road presents numerous challenges.  On top of that risk, a host of various exceptions and unique situations can trap the unwary or ill-informed company.  Companies need to do everything reasonable within their power to maintain their compliance with the appropriate regulations.

[Compliance Update] OSHA Launches Injury Tracking Application – Then Shuts It Down!

On August 1, 2017, OSHA launched its web portal to accept the submissions of recordkeeping forms per the requirements in the final rule; to “Improve Tracking of Workplace Injuries and Illnesses.”  As we had advised earlier this year, under this rule, which was enacted in May 2016.

Fileless Malware Attacks Cause Businesses To Consider The Importance Of Training Staff... Again

Companies who have relied on virus detection and anti-malware software to provide sufficient cybersecurity now have to look for new approaches.  In May 2017, cybersecurity experts found “fileless malware” on the networks of over one hundred forty different banks.  Fileless malware first gained some degree of public notoriety when security firm Kaspersky Labs detected a breach in its own networks - hackers using sophisticated techniques to spy on the companies trying to stop them.  Since then it has grown to encompass approximately 15% of known cyber attacks. 

Businesses Need To Be On The Lookout For Slip, Trip, and Fall Hazards

Slip and fall torts can pose a major liability to many businesses.  While these accidents may seem harmless, several recent lawsuits have seen damages paid out in the tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars.  Lost wages and allegations of permanent disability can increase the value of a claim.  Slip and fall accidents put businesses in a difficult position, as even where the business may feel it acted appropriately, the cost of ongoing litigation can make contesting a lawsuit a money-losing proposition.

Botulism, And How The FDA's Changing Approach Affects All Businesses In The Food Supply Chain

Botulism is better known these days for its use in plastic surgery, pain management, and migraine treatment than it is for its status as a food contaminant. Cases of foodborne botulism infections, however, have risen significantly in the past few years.  The Center for Disease Control confirmed this fact recently when it released its annual report on botulism statistics for 2015. (Released in April 2017)

10 Hiring Resources To Connect CDL Drivers With Businesses

The #1 issue for trucking company owners is finding and retaining quality drivers. Whether you are a business looking to meet your company’s needs, or a CDL licensed driver looking for work; finding the right match can be tough. If you’re a business, how do you know who is qualified? If you’re a driver in need of work, you want to find the right company to work for.